Initial Insights from Inside 3DPrinting

Initial Insights from Inside 3DPrinting

Had a great time at the Inside 3DPrinting show in San Diego last week.  The booth was busy, with a lot of interesting companies and inventors with exciting project ideas paying us a visit.  Also, some great fellow panelists and questions from the audience about the present and future metal of 3D printing.

We were sufficiently swamped that I didn’t come close to paying a visit to all of the other exhibitors, so to satiate your appetite for a full update, here’s a great summary of the event written by Sarah Goehrke of Inside  Sarah and I had a nice talk about the new metal processes we announced at the show and that comes through a bit in their recap.

Cullen_R2.jpg_smallLast but not least, as the show was winding down, I stepped away from the booth and bumped into a new friend meandering down the hallway…he just happened to be going rogue from the Robotics show that was happening alongside Inside 3DP.  Pretty awesome…

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