Announcing 3Diligent Direct and 3Diligent Marketplace

Announcing 3Diligent Direct and 3Diligent Marketplace

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of 3Diligent Direct alongside 3Diligent Marketplace.  Please see our press release below, then check out the services overview and related FAQ.

3Diligent Expands Manufacturing Industry Access to 3D Printing with New Service Options for Professional and Industrial Client Segments

Manufacturers Get Instant Access to Nearly 100 Industrial 3D Printing Services for Their Projects; New Offerings include 3Diligent Marketplace Free or Premium and 3Diligent Direct

El Segundo, Calif. – Sept. 28, 20163Diligent, the leading services marketplace for professional and industrial 3D Printing, announced that it is splitting its service in two to better support its growing customer base.  It is retaining its Marketplace and introducing 3Diligent Direct, which provides turnkey support for every step of the 3D Printing process from the request for quote (RFQ) all the way through delivery.

The existing 3Diligent Marketplace will now feature a free and premium subscription level for fast, affordable access to 3D Printing machines and materials.

3D Printing is a high-growth alternative for machining and urethane casting for prototypes or short run production.  However, many businesses prefer to avoid the cost and operations challenges associated with owning industrial-grade 3D printers (which can cost upwards of $1 million and require specially-trained operators) or are turned off by the quick rate of printer obsolescence. These companies have traditionally leveraged 3D Printing service providers, but the rate of industry advancement and variability of pricing and quality from one vendor to the next makes working with local providers inherently limiting.

Two-year-old startup 3Diligent has addressed these issues by developing an online platform for rapid manufacturing.  It utilizes a proprietary algorithm to give manufacturers and product designers instant access to its network of qualified service providers and rapid quotes.

“The market is evolving fast.  Our clients want to stay on the leading edge of technology, and our software-driven, hardware-agnostic approach allows them to do that,” said Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent. “We only care about qualifying and onboarding great suppliers, then letting them do top notch work when their capabilities align with the project needs of our customers.”

3Diligent has built a network with more industrial providers and machines than any other service in the U.S., with nearly 300 industrial grade machines representing an annual capacity estimated at $500 million. The company supports a wide variety of printing materials, including resins, plastics, metals, gypsum, and ceramic. For a full list of materials, processes, and finishes available on the marketplace, visit 3Diligent’s online learning center.

The new services announced today are:

3Diligent Marketplace (Free) – Allows manufacturers to submit an RFQ and receive a number of bids from 3D Printing vendors with entry level “prosumer” machines and materials. It is designed for fast turnaround projects and idea vetting – where tight tolerances and specialized finishes are not critical.

3Diligent Marketplace (Premium) – For $99/month, manufacturer RFQs will be shared with outstanding fabricators carrying professional and industrial equipment.  Clients will receive multiple bids for their project, with access to the complete range of materials, machines, finishes, and achievable tolerances available. The pricing of the service is designed to be cost effective relative to 3Diligent Direct for customers completing four or more projects per year.

3Diligent Direct – For manufacturers who have confidential projects, less defined procurement needs, or simply require additional support (e.g., production runs), the 3Diligent Direct service provides project management from start to finish, completely eliminating the hassles associated with managing all the providers needed to optimally complete various printing projects. Client RFQs are reviewed by a 3Diligent expert to identify the optimal partner from 3Diligent’s database of fabricators. With this option, clients receive just one bid. Something about price here – like you said in the FAQ

Regardless of the service chosen, 3Diligent guarantees all parts arrive on time and to the specifications committed to on the platform.

“We are excited about launching these new services, because they allow us to offer a better level of support for our manufacturing industry customers,” said Hilkene. “Whether you are an R&D engineer, a plant manager, or a procurement agent, we have a seamless way for you to access our unmatched breadth of capability.”

All of the new services are available today.  Customers who sign up for a free account at before October 15th will be provided a free 30-day trial and 30% off upgrade code for 3Diligent Premium Marketplace to celebrate the launch.


About 3Diligent

The leading services marketplace for professional and industrial 3D Printing, 3Diligent launched in 2014 as a way to connect clients deterred by the cost of 3D printer ownership with carefully vetted vendors to enable rapid, high quality additive manufacturing at competitive prices. 3Diligent uses data science to connect customer requests for quotes with the right set of vendors to compete for the work, then facilitates the transaction, guaranteeing parts arrive on time and to spec. This allows customers to streamline their supplier base and also allows service providers to get more out of their capital investments. For more information, visit





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