Last Call for 3D Printed Trophy Submissions!

Hey Everybody,

We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and that tryptophan comas didn’t get in the way of some fantastic trophy / memento designing!

A gentle reminder that the submission window for our 3D Printed Trophy / Memento Design Competition has entered its final hours!  Consider this a last call for 3D Printed Trophy Submissions!

Be sure to fire across your designs before midnight Pacific TONIGHT to be in contention…the winner takes $1500 in cash and credit on the 3Diligent platform for future projects!  Semifinalists also get $350 in cash and credit!

Here are details on the competition, or click here for the official rules.

Email your design(s) to before tonight, Monday, 11/30, at 11:59pm Pacific time!  Good luck!

-Your Friends at 3Diligent




One Week Until 3D Printed Trophy Submissions Close!

Hey Everybody,

Hope you’re having a nice start to the holiday week!

Just passing along a reminder that our 3D Printed Trophy / Memento Design Competition is underway!  If you’re a talented CAD designer, we can’t wait to see your best crack(s) at a 3D Printed trophy / memento design.  Be sure to take advantage of the extensive 3D Printing capabilities our sourcing platform offers with your design.

The winner takes $1500 in cash and credit on the 3Diligent platform for future projects!

Here are details on the competition, or click here for the official rules.

Be sure to email your design(s) to before next Monday, 11/30, at 11:59pm Pacific time!  Good luck!

-Your Friends at 3Diligent




3Diligent Royals Trophy Contest Official Rules – Submissions Open!

Designers can start submitting designs now; deadline is November 30!

We’re very excited to have officially opened the 3D Printed KC Royals Trophy Competition!

We’re now accepting submissions and have extended the submission deadline to give everyone Turkey Day weekend as extra time to perfect their design (or to submit multiple designs!).  Please send us your submission(s) before end of day Monday, November 30th, by emailing with the following details:

  1. Your trophy CAD file
  2. Your name, birth date, address, telephone number and preferred email address
  3. Your preferred printing process for the design
  4. Your preferred materials and finish for the design

We’ll be judging on the following criteria:

  1. Creative reference to the Royals winning the championship
  2. Realistic design and manufacturing consideration (i.e., uniquely suited to 3D Printing)
  3. Creativity, originality, and uniqueness
  4. Overall design and appearance

Please keep designs inside a bounding box 10 inches cubed, and please don’t infringe on the actual World Series trophy design, as that is trademarked content belonging to MLB and Tiffany.

Semifinalists will get $100 cash and $250 credit for use on future jobs on  The winner will get $500 cash and $1,000 in platform credit.  We’ll also be printing the trophy as a gift to the Royals, so if it’s awesome enough, it might find a place next to the circular one with the little flags on it!

Here’s a link to the official contest rules:

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Designing,


Announcing the KC Royals 3D Printed Trophy Competition!

Your opportunity to craft the ultimate championship memento

At 3Diligent, a couple of our founders are Kansas City natives and big fans of the Royals.  Very big.  Like, “had to fly back for the championship parade” big.

So we were talking in the office the other day and decided that given our unique position at the crossroads of innovative design and the highest quality 3D Printing, we just had to host the…


The Details

When the submission window is open (starting Monday), submit a CAD design of anything that you think best commemorates the Royals championship.  Could be a trophy, memento, whatever you think best utilizes 3D Printing to mark this achievement.  We’ll narrow the submissions down to a set of semifinalists, and then let our Facebook followers vote on a champion.

3Diligent is a B2B 3D Printing platform, so we would like to see parts that take advantage of the heavy duty machines we offer on our platform, capable of better detail accuracy and more material options than personal 3D Printers.  So don’t be bashful about fine details in your design or the use of say, titanium, as your material preference!

material breadth

Some of the material options available via the 3Diligent platform, including titanium, steel, thermoplastics, and resins

 Specifically, we will select semifinalists on three criteria:

  • Uniquely 3D Printable – designs that take advantage of 3D Printing’s capabilities (e.g., high complexity, lattice structures, parts with subassemblies that that work as-printed, otherwise impossible parts)
  • Viably 3D Printable – design files that don’t have errors, can be built without excessive support removal, and will fit inside a 10-inch cubed build tray
  • Awesomeness – a design that is befitting of a world champion

Semifinalists will get $100 cash and $250 credit for use on future jobs on  The winner will get $500 cash and $1,000 in platform credit.  We’ll also be printing the trophy as a gift to the Royals, so if it’s awesome enough, it might find a place next to the circular one with the little flags on it!

We’ll post official rules here at on Monday, November 16 and start accepting submissions then.  We’ll close submissions on Monday, November 23 at 9am Pacific, 11am Central time.  But consider this fair warning to start designing now!

So whether you’re a die hard Royals fan or just a talented designer, we can’t wait to see what you all come up with…

-Your Friends at 3Diligent


3Diligent gains membership in America Makes and ASTM F42 Committee

B2B Marketplace for 3D Printing joins leading 3D Printing Institutions

At 3Diligent, we’re extremely pleased to announce that we’ve recently joined two of the finest institutions advancing the 3D Printing industry – America Makes and the ASTM F42 Committee!  Given our dual focus on accelerating innovation and ensuring the highest level of quality in every part 3D Printed via our platform, we are very excited to work with both groups in furthering the industry.  A few words on both…

America Makes

In 2013, President Obama issued his annual State of the Union address.  In the speech, he paid particular attention to 3D Printing, which he stated was revolutionizing manufacturing in America.  In order for America to be a world leader in 3D Printing, he felt government investment was warranted, and aimed to fund public-private institutes dedicated to the advancement of 3D Printing in the US.

Central to his comments was America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.  Located in Youngstown, Ohio in a refurbished turn-of-the-century factory building, America Makes brings together various key players in the 3D Printing industry, including printer manufacturers, end users, service providers, and consultants.  America Makes members jointly invest in projects designed to further understanding and advancement of additive manufacturing technologies.  America Makes is also dedicated to helping commercialize new technologies and to accelerating adoption of those products beyond the university realm.  To that end, America Makes and 3Diligent – which supports a myriad of technologies and materials within its marketplace, as well as offering a medium for exposure of emerging industrial grade technologies – are a logical fit.

Rob Gorham, Director of Operations for America Makes, offered these thoughts on 3Diligent’s entry to America Makes:

“It’s a real challenge for companies in this rapidly evolving industry to quickly connect with service providers when there’s such a wide range of 3D Printing options.  The capabilities that 3Diligent offers for the industry and America Makes members makes them a great fit.”

3Diligent looks forward to supporting America Makes on a number of levels – from supporting America Makes members with its vendor network to providing newly commercialized technologies an avenue for growth on the 3Diligent platform.  We also look forward to gleaning key insights from America Makes projects and sharing relevant information with 3Diligent vendors to accelerate advancement of the technology and enhance every customer’s experience.

ASTM International F42 Committee

ASTM International is the world’s leader in voluntary quality standards.  Founded in 1898 as The American Society for Testing and Materials, it rebranded in 2001 as ASTM International in response to growth of its membership and use of its standards across borders and over seas.  ASTM’s F42 Committee is specifically charged with the task of establishing standards for the additive manufacturing – or 3D Printing – industry.

Establishing standards is a key challenge for the rapidly evolving 3D Printing market.  With the many different processes and materials available for use, the same CAD drawing fed into different 3D Printers can result in significantly different part outputs.  Even parts made with the same design file, material, and machinery can vary based on different production specifications.  The F42 Committee is striving to develop standards that make 3D Printing an increasingly viable option for large scale production of parts.  ASTM is working closely with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in establishing these standards.

Carl Dekker, President of the F42 Committee, offered this on 3Diligent’s membership: “We’re excited to add 3Diligent to the ASTM F42 Committee on Standards for Additive Manufacturing.  Their focus on quality makes them a great fit for F42.  Their viewpoint across many service providers allows them to bring a unique perspective to the committee.  We look forward to their engagement and support of F42 Standards.”

We wholeheartedly reciprocate Carl’s sentiment.  We look forward to jointly crafting standards that will advance the industry and support rapid adoption of 3D Printing technologies both here in the US and across the globe.

In Summary

3Diligent is honored to join both America Makes and the ASTM F42 Committee.  By closely working with both organizations, we aim to do an even better job supporting the quality service providers in our network and in turn accelerating innovation for our customers as they seek to utilize cutting edge 3D Printing technology on demand.